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Best Events

Best summer events in Florence

Our top picks
by Mary Gray
  Our events listing keeps you up to date on the latest and greatest in culture, music and other English-friendly entertainment. Staying in town for the hot …
Best Events

Top summer events in Tuscany

What to do throughout the region
by Mary Gray
Summer in Tuscany is more than just sagre and seaside weekends. Here are some highlights across the region.   #CASTAGNETO CARDUCCI Bolgheri Melody July 24–August 17   Music and wine meet for …
Editor's letter

The Florentine launches The Tuscan Times

Connecting the region's international community
The Tuscan Times tells insider stories straight from regional residents. It’s a tool designed to connect Tuscany’s large international population, building a network while bringing the …
The Tuscan Times

The man behind the move

by Oonagh Stransky
ph. Phillip Toledano - 'Maybe'   Now in its fifth year, the Cortona on the Move Festival is a summer-long celebration of photography. This always-astonishing mosaic of exhibitions, …
Best Events

Best event of the week: International Champions Cup!

The top events in Florence from July 30–August 5
by Mary Gray
SPORT/International Champions CupAugust 2, 9pmStadio Artemio Franchi, viale Manfredo Fanti 4   The boys are back in town! Fiorentina gets back from pre-season activities in Northern Italy in …
The Tuscan Times

On the threshing floor

by Rebecca Gualandi
Started five years ago, Montespertoli’s A Veglia sulle Aie celebrates its agricultural heritage: the land, its fruits and the traditions of this farming community.   Having spent most …
The Arts

Paint Tuscany on vacation

Tuscany Plein Air launches week-long landscape painting event in September
by Sponsored Page 
Florence, Italy, has always drawn artists to study and learn from the region’s master painters. This September, a new program for Plein Air landscape painting, run …
The Tuscan Times

A siren's call (or not?)

by Elisa Scarton
Tuscany isn’t just about food and culture; it’s also home to Italy’s most beautiful beach for 2015.   When it comes to travel destinations, Tuscany is a bucket-list …
The Tuscan Times

A long walk to Rome

by Carolyn Travers
  Walking a 400-kilometer stretch of the Via Francigena from Lucca to St. Peter’s Basilica was a challenge but a joy, bringing unexpected healing and renewed strength …
The Tuscan Times

Castiglion Fiorentino's time-team heroes

Amateur archaeologists rewind the timeline of their hometown by more than 1,000 years
by Richard Zahra
Danilo Grifoni (left) and Mario Menci (right)   Inspired by the lucky discovery of an ancient golden earring, amateur archaeologists Mario Menci and Danilo Grifoni pushed back the …
Monuments + More

The Torrigiani Tower

The tower in the secret garden
by Deirdre Pirro
Tucked away in the heart of Florence, in the area once known as the Campuccio, running from via del Campuccio and piazza Tasso to via dei …

From Austria to Qatar

Smaller pavilions at Expo 2015 hold bigger surprises
by Jason Martinez
  Viewing the starring pavilions of Expo 2015, such as those of Germany and Kazakhstan, may involve waiting for up to two hours. Avoiding the lines gives …

The city that has changed my life twice

Arrivederci Firenze
by Jason Martinez
Dante. Il Davide. I Medici. The birthplace of the Renaissance. Most importantly, the city that has twice changed my life. Firenze. As the sun sets over Florence …
Florence News

Accademia to host Koons and Hirst in 2016

Major contemporary art exhibition in collaboration with Prato's Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci
   Yayoi Kusama, Self-portrait, 2010.   Florence is not just about the Renaissance, as the forthcoming major contemporary art exhibition at Florence's Accademia Gallery is getting set to show.   Organized …
Florence News

The future of Santa Croce

Forward-looking ways to celebrate the past
by Helen Farrell
The new board of directors of Opera di Santa Croce has announced a three-year plan for the operations of Florence’s beloved basilica. Among the specifics that …

Perfumes and prospects with Eugenio Alphandery, director of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

Engineering the future of the Farmacia
by Margreta Moss
Eugenio Alphandery is not a shortsighted person, and as a true engineer he gets to the heart of the matter, whether it’s about mechanical equipment or …
The Arts

The frescoes of the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata

Witness to invention
by Richard Peterson
Of all the many churches and cloisters in Florence that house frescoes, the atrium of Santissima Annunziata, home of the Servites, must be counted as one …

Trying temperatures

Intercultural perceptions of air conditioning
by Alexandra Korey
illux by Leo Cardini   'Single friends! Don’t have a/c at home? Want to try a marriage without commitment? For loan, Italian husband sensitive to gusts of cold …

Top venues for summer evenings in Florence

July and August alfresco
by Helen Farrell
Obicà (via de’ Tornabuoni 16 – 055/2773526)   The joy of a Florentine summer lies above all in the city’s alfresco scene. Whether you’re seeking drinks on a rooftop …
Food + Wine

Vegetarian restaurants in Florence

A guide to meat-free dining
by Rebecca Gualandi
Diet fads come and go, but vegetarianism is not a fad. Adding to the long-standing religious beliefs that direct many the world over to follow a …
Best Events

Cloisters and cuisine

Fine dining in Florence's most evocative religious spaces
by Helen Farrell
Picture a centuries-old Florentine cloister and a long dining table adorned with elegant candelabras and sparkling tableware. Imagine sitting down to eat farm-to-table dishes prepared by …
Insider Florence

7 gardens in Florence that you have to see

Beyond Boboli and more than the Cascine
by Rebecca Gualandi
It had never really dawned upon me to visit the gardens of Florence. Maybe because until recently I was still trying to avoid doing things that …

The Italian mystery of the missing toilet seats

A humorous look at Italy's WC culture
by Sam Hilt
It’s only fair to say that bathrooms in Italy in private homes are typically immaculate: they approach a standard of almost Germanic cleanliness. Bathrooms in public …

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